Bespoke Personal Training

If you want to become stronger, fitter, more powerful, faster, have more endurance or greater flexibility then bespoke personal training with Super Fit is for you.  This bespoke personal training service is goal directed to enable the client to achieve their desired objectives.


Preparation for an ultra event or physical challenge

Do you want to complete a major physical challenge like a marathon, triathlon or ultra event?  Are you already competing in such events and want to improve your performance?  Then Super Fit can help you prepare for such events.  We provide a comprehensive training, coaching and preparation service to assist your preparation for an ultra event or physical challenge.


Rehabilitation for recurrent injuries or to return to previous performance levels following injury

Are you hampered by recurrent injuries at the same site or at a variety of sites?  There is usually a reason or reasons that explains why this is happening but this is not easy to determine with out specialist input.  Super Fit's physio & rehab service will analyse why the situation has likely to have arisen, devise, conduct review a rehabilitation programme to not only prevent recurrence but to re-condition you back to health, fitness and performance.


Long term rehabilitation following a complex injury

Have you sustained a complex injury, serious injury or injuries?  Have they prevented you from a return to full activity?  If so you will require a long term and comprehensive rehabilitation programme to have any chance of returning not only to everyday fitness but to athletic fitness.  This rehabilitation programme will also require regular and detailed progression for it to succeed.

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“Once you meet a physio who combines a deep understanding of the human body with a deep understanding of your sport, and the strains it subjects your body to, you never look back. Simon has a remarkable ability to lift the veil on mysterious niggles.”

Dominic Herbert, Triathlete

“Simon stripped things back to basics, treated my knee with manipulation and got me in neutral running shoes with a physio plan to learn to run again!  ”

Tom Underhill, runner and cyclist

“Simon was part of our team at Back in Action UK for 8 years. Simon consistently worked to a very high standard and he was very popular with his patients: he was fully committed to them and they were able to trust him to help them achieve the best possible results in almost all cases. ”

Alex Bell, Director Back in Action UK

“Simon takes his professional responsibilities for the health, wellbeing and outcomes of his patients very seriously. As a client of Simon’s, you are in excellent hands and are well on your way to reach your goals.”

Annie Karim MCSP Dip Phys (Otago), Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, Unit Manager
Simon is an excellent, knowledgeable and very professional physiotherapist. Already one single session has usually reduced my backpain a lot and has had such a positive impact on my well-being. I can highly recommend Simon to anyone who is looking for a great physiotherapist.read more
Kathrin Weder
Kathrin Weder
11:34 17 Aug 18
Simon has treated me successfully a number of times over the years to help resolve various sports injuries and advise on exercise plans including reviewing my running gait.When he started Superfit I signed up for a thorough personal evaluation which helped diagnose the chronic back issues I was having and give me a realistic focus for my rehab. He’s very knowledgeable but always tries to explain things in layman’s terms so you can visualise the biomechanics of what is happening and hence how the stretches and exercise will help. I’d thoroughly recommend him.read more
Adam F
Adam F
15:42 03 May 18
Simon is a fantastic PT and I would highly recommend him! Over the last few months I have gained significant confidence in the gym, seen an increase in strength and lost body fat. He is very supportive, motivating and knowledgeable - couldnt have asked for a better PT. Thanks Simon!read more
Misha Sebastian
Misha Sebastian
10:41 21 Apr 18
I had constant shoulder pain when I saw Simon, but he quickly worked out what was causing the problem. He prescribed some exercises to alleviate the discomfort, but more importantly, he showed me how to move in a way that avoided me constantly re-injuring myself. Problem solved!read more
Sandy McCreery
Sandy McCreery
13:50 20 Mar 18
Simon has tremendous depth of knowledge - he catered exactly to my sporting interests and analysed precisely what I needed to do via his consultation and thorough assessment in order to achieve my goals. His advice was specific, scientific and his advanced physiotherapy background was clear in his training/postural advice - he links the two perfectly together. Highly recommend.read more
Charlotte Waller
Charlotte Waller
19:51 18 Dec 17


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