Bespoke Personal Training

If you want to become stronger, fitter, more powerful, faster, have more endurance or greater flexibility then bespoke personal training with Super Fit is for you.  This bespoke personal training service is goal directed to enable the client to achieve their desired objectives.  As well as having a programme constructed and coaching on physical training, attention will also be paid to attaining good technique, control of movement, injury prevention and performance enhancement.  Advice on diet, re-fuelling, rehydration and rest will also be provided.  Regular face-to-face sessions are available as are programmes with periodic review.  Bespoke personal training sessions can be conducted in the gym, outdoors, via video link or using online programmes.  As well as bringing a quarter of a century of education and experience in the health and well-being sector to bear on your personal training sessions, Simon’s enthusiasm, life experience and communication skills will make any session an enjoyable experience.

An in-depth analysis and recommendations of a food diary is also available as an additional service.

Achieve your fitness goals and train with Super Fit.

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Preparation for an ultra event or physical challenge

Do you want to complete a major physical challenge like a marathon, triathlon or ultra event?  Are you already competing in such events and want to improve your performance?  Then Super Fit can help you prepare for such events.  We provide a comprehensive training, coaching and preparation service to assist your preparation for an ultra event or physical challenge.

The service is specific to the particular ultra event or physical challenge.  It would address a variety of aspects including physical training, diet, hydration, re-fuelling and re-hydration, rest and sleep, injury prevention, psychological preparation, event planning (e.g. preparing for expected/possible weather conditions), life organisation, acclimatisation and training scheduling.  If you are contemplating perparation for an ultra event or physical challenge, something that is a significant undertaking, considering the sacrifices you will have to make, make absolutely sure you reach the start line and cross the finish line with expert assistance.

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Rehabilitation for recurrent injuries or to return to previous performance levels following injury

Are you hampered by recurrent injuries at the same site or at a variety of sites?  There is usually a reason or reasons that explains why this is happening but this is not easy to determine with out specialist input.  Super Fit’s physio & rehab service will analyse why the situation has likely to have arisen, devise, conduct review a rehabilitation programme to not only prevent recurrence but to re-condition you back to health, fitness and performance.

Or you may have been left struggling to return to sport even after following a lengthy rehabilitation programme. In this situation Super Fit offers a different approach and view on the problem.  Specific analysis is often the solution including addressing any psychological issues, which are under assessed and under addressed following serious sporting injury.

Read this blog for more information on staying fit and avoiding injury: https://superfituk.co.uk/blog/staying-fit-and-not-being-injured/  For more details on the physio & rehab service click here to contact Super Fit.


Long term rehabilitation following a complex injury

Have you sustained a complex injury, serious injury or injuries?  Have they prevented you from a return to full activity?  If so you will require a long term and comprehensive rehabilitation programme to have any chance of returning not only to everyday fitness but to athletic fitness.  This rehabilitation programme will also require regular and detailed progression for it to succeed.

Many elements of your life will need to be analysed (including diet and rest) and adjusted to give you the best chance of full recovery.  Any psychological issues will also be addressed particularly if the injury or injuries were sustained in particularly traumatic circumstances.  And due to the long term nature of the rehabilitation programme, motivation will be provided to assist you to last the course.  Don’t let a complex injury prevent you from returning to full activity.  Click here to contact Super Fit for more details.


Get fit and lose weight

Want to get fit and lose weight?  Have you become de-conditioned or have you never been fit at all?  Do you want to lose a significant amount of weight?  If your answer to these questions is ‘Yes’, then this service is for you.

Super Fit provides tailored training programmes specifically designed for those who have never been fit or have become unfit.  During any such programme it is important to allow one’s body to adjust to the loading involved in the programme and to change before progresssion is made.  Progress should not be attempted too fast.  However the approach would not be cautious but in line with the individual’s own parameters and what we know from science about starting training from a low fitness base.

Any weight loss programme and guidance would be science based allowing the client to losing weight in a healthy, sustained manner through a healthy daily diet and exercise.  Any weight loss would then be maintained through establishment of adoption of a long term healthy but sustainable lifestyle.

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Sporting performance gains

Are you already engaged in regular exercise/sport (amateur to professional athletes) but want to improve/make sporting performance gains?  Super Fit can provide personal training using a bespoke programme and review system based on a sports specific assessment.  You maybe looking to achieve a certain standard such as running a sub-50 second 400 metres or you may want to improve your sports technique (e.g. when kicking a ball – read more in this blog piece).  Alternatively, you may be looking for an overhaul of their programme or want to formalise and maximise your training having exercised/performed without specific guidance before.

Any skill training would use a five stage approach of preparation, indentifying a particular element to focus on, executing the skill in a drill, using one or multiple biofeedback methods during the drill and then a reflection on the drill after completion.

It is never too late to improve or make sporting performance gains.  Get in touch now by clicking here to enquire or to book an assessment.

First Beat Lifestyle Assessment

Super Fit also offers a specific coaching tool via our partner Back in Action. The First Beat Lifestyle Assessment provides information on how daily stresses have affected heart rate and rhythm by monitoring the heart for three 24 hour periods.