• Personal Trainer near me

    Personal Trainer near me. What do I offer that is different from other personal trainers and physios?

    How do you decide who to work with if you type 'Personal Trainer near me' or 'Physio near me' into Google? If you decide to train or rehabilitate with Super Fit, you will receive a programme that is bespoke and informed by your stated goals. [...]

  • Wonderful Bones

    Look after your wonderful bones

    I am sure most of you reading this post will know that healthy bones are a desirable physical feature.  And some of you will know that bones respond positively to exercise.  But you may not know the extent to which healthy bones are integral to [...]

  • Lockdown Training Part II

    Lockdown Training Part II

    Carrying on from Lockdown Training Part One, here are more topics for consideration when exercising in the current climate.  Make effective use of your local environment: Whether you live in an urban environment or in the country, there is plenty of opportunity to use whatever [...]

Lockdown Training Part One

Exercise during lockdown has been difficult.  Purpose built spaces like gyms and tracks have been closed and specialised equipment has not been available. However, it doesn’t mean that your lockdown training should be limited, ineffective, [...]

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Exercise motivation

The benefits of exercise are myriad and it would appear on the surface that exercising is a no brainer.  However, exercise requires an effort and all of us, even those absolutely committed to exercise, need [...]

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“Once you meet a physio who combines a deep understanding of the human body with a deep understanding of your sport, and the strains it subjects your body to, you never look back. Simon has a remarkable ability to lift the veil on mysterious niggles.”

Dominic Herbert, Triathlete

“Simon stripped things back to basics, treated my knee with manipulation and got me in neutral running shoes with a physio plan to learn to run again!  ”

Tom Underhill, runner and cyclist

“Simon was part of our team at Back in Action UK for 8 years. Simon consistently worked to a very high standard and he was very popular with his patients: he was fully committed to them and they were able to trust him to help them achieve the best possible results in almost all cases. ”

Alex Bell, Director Back in Action UK

“Simon takes his professional responsibilities for the health, wellbeing and outcomes of his patients very seriously. As a client of Simon’s, you are in excellent hands and are well on your way to reach your goals.”

Annie Karim MCSP Dip Phys (Otago), Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, Unit Manager
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