Mel and Rick approached me in April 2018 regarding assistance with training for hiking The Appalachian Trail a year later.  The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail in the USA between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine along the Appalachian mountain range.  The Trail’s total distance is 2192 miles or 3528 km, traverses 14 States and has an elevation gain/loss of 87.97 miles or 141.57 km  To hike the entire length is a major undertaking, which Mel and Rick intended to complete from April to September 2019, hiking six days a week for 24 weeks.  This equates to just over 15 miles/24 km a day carrying an 11 to 13 kg pack.


The training programme devised for Mel and Rick was at first to enhance their strength and endurance particularly around their pelvic and pectoral (shoulder) girdles as well as supplement their aerobic fitness.  Mel and Rick were also hiking most weekends with varying pack weights.

Since Mel and Rick began the programme, it has become more and more specific, continuing to focus on strength and endurance around the girdles but also agility, stepping up and down, maintenance of an upright posture (back extensor and abdominal muscles activation) when bearing load across the shoulders or in the hands as well as consolidating cardiovascular fitness whilst maintain a consistent rhythm to replicate the action of hiking.

Over the past 11 months, Mel and Rick have worked diligently to get themselves into good shape for their adventure.  Rick has already finished working with me and Mel’s last sessions are next week (mid March 2019).  By the beginning of April 2019 they will be hiking up Springer Mountain on day one of their odyssey.  I am pleased to say that Super Fit will be providing on line musculoskeletal medical support and hiking advice for the duration of Mel and Rick’s journey.  And, of course, I will be hiking the trail vicariously through their blog and social media updates.


Mel and Rick said this about the programme:

‘Simon has been key in helping us to physically prepare for our event.  Each individual session and the overall program, has been well considered, bespoke to our needs and goal and effective.  Simon’s interest and depth of knowledge is readily apparent and his background as a physiotherapist has been invaluable for us.  Simon is friendly, encouraging and always willing to go the extra mile to provide support.  We’d highly recommend Simon to anyone seeking an experienced personal trainer (or physiotherapist) with great technical ability and effective application, and to anyone looking for genuine and sustained results.’

Super Fit wishes Mel and Rick all the best on this wonderful adventure.


For assistance with your major physical challenge be it a marathon, triathalon or long term adventure like Mel and Rick’s, contact Super Fit here to set up an assessment at Pure Gym Limehouse.

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