Back to the gym day is nearly upon us.

It’ll be fantastic to be back both professionally and personally.

I am looking forward to putting my clients who prefer to workout in the gym through their paces again in that environment.  Workouts can be completed anywhere but don’t under estimate the benefits a purpose built arena with specific equipment. provides

I am also looking forward to getting my hands on some heavy weights again for my own training.  Of course I have kept fit over the past three months but only have moderate load to lift, press, push or pull.

I again caution anyone who is returning to the gym on Monday to start off at a significantly lower level than they left the gym at before Christmas for reasons of safety. The risk of injury for those of you who haven’t been working out regularly since the gym closed or those of you who have stayed fit but haven’t lifted heavy load (like me) since December is greater than it otherwise would be when attending the gym.

I’d suggest starting at 75% of your usual load if re-starting weight training on Monday. If using other pieces of kit or engaging in HIIT drills, reduce the intensity and length of session to start with. Then make your programme progressive with small changes every 10 days.

Strength changes take about 4-6 weeks to significantly manifest. Cardiovascular changes take around 4 weeks.

I look forward to seeing you back in Pure Gym Limehouse on Monday and hope you all return well and remain injury free.

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