Aside from a personal recommendation, how do you know you have found the best personal trainer near me?  Googling ‘best personal trainer near me’ may delivery results more confusing than you had hoped.

Here is what to look for:

They will almost certainly tell you what they can do for you.  That is the easy part.  What you need to know is how they intend to achieve this and whether that is consistent with the scientific research.  Finding out what the research states is tricky if this is not your field but any personal trainer worth their price should be able to convincingly justify why they have a certain approach or philosophy.  They should be able to sign post you to independent sources of information to back up their claim.

The best personal trainer near me should also be able to point to a core base of training either at University or other accredited methods of study.  They should also be able to demonstrate that they engage in continued professional development and challenge their knowledge on a regular basis beyond looking at YouTube/Instagram/Tik-Tok.

Experience is also a very useful aspect for any professional to possess.  But finding out how that experience has directed the individual is also key.  That can be done when you are ready to approach the person in question (see below).

They should also be accredited with a recognised personal training regulatory body such as CIMSPA – The Chartered Institute for Management of Sport and Physical Activity.

Independent reviews are also useful when making a decision on whether someone is the best personal trainer near me.  Check out reviews beyond ones they have embedded in their website or social media.  Check their Google Reviews and any reviews posted on their place of work.

Given the time and financial commitment personal training involves, any decent personal trainer should offer you a free mini-consultation to give you the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your goals of training.

Take your time to do your research before handing over your hard earned money and go for someone with:

  • A clearly defined philosophy based in science.
  • An ability to back up the basis of their philosophy.
  • An ability to demonstrate they have been taught well regarding their base of training and that they have maintained their education throughout their career.
  • At least some experience in the profession.
  • Accreditation with an approved professional body.
  • Independent reviews to point to.
  • The willingness to offer you a free chat or short meeting to discuss matters further.

The best personal trainer near me is out there but do your research before embarking on this particular fitness journey.

Of course I can provide evidence of all the above.  My approach is based in scientific research and I can point to the evidence if you are interested.  I can prove the completion of the degrees and courses that form the basis of my extensive education and I have 27 years to August 2023 of experience in the health and fitness sector.  I am acredited with CIMSPA and the HCPC (Health and Professions Council).  I am also a member of the CSP (Chartered Society of Physiotherapy).  I have over 80 5* reviews on Google, which can be found here.

And to arrange a free 20 minute spoken mini-consultation please contact me here.

If you want to know more about my approach or any aspect of my personal training and physiotherapy business then please get in touch.  Give me a ring or message me to discuss your training/rehabilitation needs now.

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