The benefits of exercise are myriad and it would appear on the surface that exercising is a no brainer.  However, exercise requires an effort and all of us, even those absolutely committed to exercise, need exercise motivation at times.

Here are a few ways that may help you to overcome the inertia and give you exercise motivation:

Train with a friend/partner or team

You are less likely to miss a session if you know you will let down or miss out with others.  Also, others can spur you on to perform during the session.

Enmesh exercise/training into your weekly routine

Make Monday night yoga night and attend straight from work or get up, get in the gym and then go to work or kick off the weekend with a Saturday morning run.  Incorporate your session into your regular routine or make it the basis for the rest of the day/period.

Use short term goals if exercising/training for a overall goal

Exercise works but not always quickly.  If you have a overall goal like substantial weight loss or training for a big event like a triathlon, then set yourself short term goals over a longer period of time.  If the goals are achievable and realistic then they will give you something to focus on and work towards as well as giving you a sense of satisfaction as you achieve them.

See the fruits of your labours evident in your performance

If you are exercising or training for an event or your regular sport, reflect on your performance and analyse where your training has benefited you either in terms of a change or maintenance of your level.

The myriad benefits of exercise

These are too many to state here but those of us who regularly exercise will almost certainly live not only longer but live better during those years. For more scientific information on this subject, check out this article:

Be coached/trained by a professional

I would state this you might say but paying for expert coaching/training will not only mean you are highly likely to attend those sessions, you will learn about more about exercise, have a lower risk of getting injured, have better chance of meeting your goals and how valuable it is to health and how to exercise better than ever.  Do you need any more exercise motivation than that?

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