This picture is from a recent day out and about whilst working. Surely days like this and the increasing hours of daylight are enough motivation to get outside and be active or to get up, out and down to the gym or personal training session.  Use the change of season as exercise motivation.

More and more daylight should have an enlivening effect on your brain. Use it to make sure you exercise and be active.  Be that formal exercise such as running, cycling, HIIT sessions, weight lifting or being active such as taking long walks or dancing.  We all need exercise motivation at times so use the sun to bounce into activity.

Sunlight not only has a stimulatory effect on your mental arousal but it also stimulates the formation of vitamin D in your skin.  Vitamin D is vital for good health being particularly important for healthy muscles, bones and teeth.

I recommend allowing direct sunlight on your unscreened skin – upper arms and legs, for 15-20 minutes a day.  Of course a balance must be struck with some direct sunlight exposure on the skin but not enough to increase your risk of skin cancer or deterioration of the skin over time due to regular exposure.  From now (March) to October it is recommended that you apply sunscreen to the areas of your skin that will come into contact with the sun when ever you are outdoors.  The areas that will receive most exposure over time are your face, neck (including the back of it), your forearms and the back of your hands.

Sunlight has other health benefits.  It helps to regulate your sleep cycles and can stimulate the release of feel good chemicals such as endorphins, which are important for good mental health.

Spring into the rest of the year, use the light and warmth as exercise motivation and also get some sun (but not too much).

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