Not surprisingly January is the peak time for people to attempt to get back into shape.

For most of us getting back into shape means losing a degree of body fat and improving cardiovascular fitness after a period of relative inactivity and an over indulgence of calories.

Although exercising requires an expenditure of calories, research indicates the best way to lose weight is by eating a healthy, calorie restricted diet:

There is some evidence to indicate that those that exercise keep lost weight off better than those that don’t.  However shifting extra pounds put on over Christmas and New Year will probably require a combination of exercise and eating a healthy calorie restricted diet with the main emphasis on diet.

Of course, exercise conveys many other health benefits both mental and physical.  But after a period of not exercising it is important not to jump straight back into your old routine or if starting exercise for the first time that you don’t start at too high an intensity.  It takes a certain amount of time for physical changes to occur in anyone due to exercise that can’t be sped up.  6 weeks to 3 months is a reasonable rule of thumb for the time frame required for significant changes to the body from exercise including strength, power, endurance and flexibility enhancements.

The above is the theory but in practise re-starting exercise or starting for the first time and adjusting to a healthy diet can be difficult for some.  Working with others can ease that process.  This could be training with a friend or consulting a medical professional.

Super Fit can provide detailed advice on diet based on years of experience and the application of science as well as plan a training programme based on your specific needs as well as work with you to train.  We are based in Limehouse but can offer services London wide.  We usually work face-to-face but can provide on-line training programmes also.

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