There was a glimmer of light in the Covid restriction easing plan announcement on Monday 22nd February 2021 with a proposed gym reopening from Monday 12th April.  After so many months of the gyms being closed, this is great news.

If you have been training at home and/or outdoors then keep going as you will soon have some more options for training back in the gym and you will be physically prepared.

If you decided to pause your training to wait for gym reopening then now is the time to begin to prepare for your return to gym workouts.

Particularly if lifting heavy weights is a key part of your training, don’t expect to rock back up at the gym and pick up where you left off in December.

You could compromise your physical safety by doing so.  This could lead to a serious injury and reduction of such a risk is thus very important.  More likely but less serious is that you will experience delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS.  If this muscle soreness is severe it could then hamper your gym return and regular activity for days after.  DOMS may present in areas you might not be expecting.  For example on returning to the gym in July 2020, the last big gym reopening, I graded myself back into weight training and only experienced minor DOMS in my legs, chest and shoulders.  However, I did experience hand pain for a few weeks.  This was low level DOMS but it did affect my heavy lower limb weight training.  I had never experienced DOMS in my hands before but that long without gripping bars clearly left my hands under prepared.

Use the next six weeks to either stay fit or start to prepare yourself for a gym return on the great gym reopening.

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