The New Year presents a chance to make a change but really any day at any time is a good day to start your healthy New Year.

Preparation is recommended before making a change. Start by deciding what you want and then set your primary and secondary goals for making a change. These goals will then dictate the change process.

Once set, plan for how to achieve the goals. One key element of goal setting is making the goals realistic, achievable, measurable and timed. The same applies to the process. Don’t attempt to change too much or too quickly as this will be unsustainable and ultimately frustrating and disappointing.

Once you have decided on the process, set a few, spaced out interim goals. These will indicate how your programme is progressing and if it requires any adjustment. Achieving these goals will also provide motivation to continue with your plan.

Once you have decided on the above, begin as soon as is practicable. Any day will do, it doesn’t have to be 1st January or a Monday or the beginning of a month, just get started.

Making these first steps to plan your change will give you a better chance of sustaining your programme and making it a very healthy New Year.

Super Fit can assist you in planning and effecting your programme.  Let me help you to achieve your health and fitness goals.  Make it a healthy New Year.

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