There is a lot of information online about how to lift weights. But not all of what you may read online is useful information.  If you search for how to lift weights well near me, can you guarantee the quality of information you’ll receive?

Some of what is posted online is personal opinion, with no credible basis for why it is being recommended. Or it maybe what has worked well for one person or type of person.  And beware of gurus who are not necessarily experts.

Efficient weight lifting technique/form should be based on physical principles (basic physics – hard to argue with unless you don’t believe in gravity, mass and levers), biomechanics and muscle contraction.

Never forget the following principles:

– The main reason of exercising and therefore weight training is muscle contraction.

– Even a sack of potatoes can suspend its own weight. Don’t use your body weight to shift the load, use muscle contraction.

– Don’t forget that the lowering down is more than half of the ‘lift’ – more force can be generated by eccentric muscle contraction (often occurs when lowering the weights) than concentric muscle contraction.  Drop or bump the weights down hard and you are wasting some of your time at the gym.

– The goal is not necessarily lifting more weight.  See the first point for the main reason for exercising.  Lifitng more weight because you’ve leaned back or swung the weight via a long lever doesn’t mean you are training muscles.

Not only will good form aid performance, it will also reduce your injury risk.

All of the above advice is founded in good, hard science. Fortunately for you, I have read and understood and can apply all this.

Work with me to lift efficiently, train your muscles effectively and keep injury free.

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