Many of us run for fitness and mental wellbeing.  But many of us are not taught how to run or how to well, most of learn by watching others and working it out for ourselves.  I have often heard the refrain that running caused a particular injury, often knees or lower back.  However running has been conclusively proven to be good for knees and lower backs.  It is likely that it is not running itself that causes running associated injuries but how the person runs.  However, you can learn how to run well with expert coaching.

Common running errors are:

Over striding – throwing the swing leg too far ahead of your body and thus being unable to effectively support your body moving forwards over that leg.

Running with a low stride – a low lift of the heel will mean that the swing leg does not have sufficient momentum to complete its swing without using extra energy.

Bouncing up and down too much – some runners who have altered their running style so that they run striking the ground with their front foot, end up running with a bouncy action.  If you consider that the direction one is travelling when running, bouncing up and down is a waste of energy.

Too little upper body movement – some of the energy transfer from stride to stride that is recycled when running is via the upper body rotating from side to side.  Too little body movement means that this system is under used.

Inefficient arm swing – arms should move generally back and fore when running but in some runners they cross the mid line.  Again, as one is intending to progress forwards, allowing arms to swing across the body is inefficient.

Training errors – the most common training errors are to do with running too many weekly miles i.e. not being strong or fit or flexible enough for the distance one is trying to run.

All of these areas can be assessed and any issues identified corrected/refined.

Running is a wonderful way to stay fit and healthy but knowing how to run well is crucial to a long and healthy running life.

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