Do you play a sport that involves throwing?  In this wonderful summer of sport there are currently many examples of such sports: Netball, cricket, athletics and tennis to name but four.  In most there are a variety of throws and in tennis a specialist but very important type to set up a serve.  Some many seem more straight forwards such as that tennis serve set up.  However, the reality is that they are not straight forwards at all and involve skilled movement, require accuracy and often speed.

Throwing is often a part of childhood play.  But unless one continues to play a throwing sport that involves training sessions, it may be a skill that becomes less practised and less refined.  Often adults that play such sports only throw when they play that sport.  But even without team practise or team coaching, throwing can be worked on outdoors or in the gym.

The major muscle groups can be trained with weights and other drills.  Important muscles include the pectoralis major (front of chest), triceps (back of the upper arm), anterior deltoid (front of shoulder) and the oblique abdominals.  Strength is clearly important but so is power e.g. the ability to accelerate and decelerate the arm (generate or absorb force with speed).  Sports specific drills can be utilised so that the muscles are used in the same combination or similar combinations to that when throwing occurs e.g. using the pulley system at your gym at shoulder height.

The movement pattern of throwing can be broken down and different elements worked on e.g. the accuracy of throwing two handed to score in netball often occurs on tip toes, with split feet or in a jump hence a drill throwing a ball against a wall target with one’s feet in those positions will be more beneficial than standing with feet planted.

And of course, having a coach that has extensive training and experience in analysis and teaching of movement patterns is invaluable.  Simon @ Super Fit can offer just that and guide your training programme so that your throwing is refined and enhanced.  Learn to use your whole body to throw and learn how train effectively for throwing.

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