The sporting summer has already been an inspiring one and our crickets have hardly started their test series against a strong India.  If you need inspiration to get fit then there is plenty around.

From the Euros through the Olympics we have been lucky to see the English football team put together a brilliant run to the final and Team GB achieve their second best ever performance in a games outside the UK.

The footballers executed their plans exceptionally well and produced when they needed to right up to half way through the final.  Their collective skills and spirit were a joy to behold.  I was lucky enough to see them play against Scotland, Germany, Denmark and Italy.

The Olympians provided similar joy and across such a range of sports, gaining medals in more different events than any other team at the games.  If only I had several lives so I could touch up my childhood BMX and skateboarding skills or spend a summer surfing.

With all of these skills on display there is plenty of inspiration to get fit. Now is a great time to:

– Start training or getting into a sport.

– Get back into exercise or a sport.

– Refine your training or improve your sports performance.

You might not make the England team or the next Olympics but you will feel better, perform better, look better and live better for longer.  To do this it would require planning, hard work and some resources but the payoff is a very attractive proposition.

See this period of reflection after these events when the inspiration is still tangible and especially during the warmer, dryer and lighter part of the year as a massive opportunity for you to enhance your physical prowess and improve your mental health.  Seize this chance of inspiration to get fit.

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