Invest in my Brain

I could show you me performing a Pull Up or a Romanian Deadlift or show you my quads or hamstrings in a good light. I could show you me twisting and turning past cones with a football in close control or show you my high heel lift when running.  If you search for Limehouse Fitness Coach you will see plenty of coaches who can but can they assist you to do what you want to?

What you are really investing in if you decide to train or rehabilitate with me is my brain. I have the knowledge to help you train or rehabilitate effectively according to the best scientific evidence.  If you are not sure how to train/rehabilitate then I can show you the way and explain why you are training/rehabilitating in that manner.

What I can offer you

I have over 26 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a proven track record.  If you have problems then I have the ability to solve them and provide you with solutions.

You need someone who has learned how to coach and teach people.  I have and I will find the right coaching approach to engage you, spark and retain your interest.

I am also enthusiastic, really engaged in my profession and I aim to make every session a high quality session.

And value for money is a promise.

Getting in Touch

If searching for Limehouse Fitness Coach has brought you to me and you want to know more then please get in touch.  Give me a ring or message me to discuss your coaching needs now.

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