Carrying on from Lockdown Training Part One, here are more topics for consideration when exercising in the current climate.

 Make effective use of your local environment:

Whether you live in an urban environment or in the country, there is plenty of opportunity to use whatever is around to you to aid your training.  For example, stairs provide excellent training facilities whether you use them to run up and down, jump up or off or to place your feet on when performing press ups.  Low walls can give you the opportunity to perform step ups and controlled step downs or agility work by walking along them.  Slopes/hills can give an extra load to any running or cycling you may be engaging in.

Here is an video example of a step up using a park wall:

And a video example of using a stairwell:

 Vary your training:

It seems like a lot more people are running to exercise during lockdown.  However, it is advisable to vary your training so that you don’t make the same movements or transmit the same load through the same body parts.  This will keep structures like tendons healthier for longer.

Be specific if you need to:

As lockdown continues to ease, keep an eye on the future and a return to your chosen sport or activity.  If you play football train specifically with a ball, with sprint training, with interval training.  If you play tennis, take advantage of the new rules and book a court with a friend to work on your skills.

Make a schedule:

If lockdown has made your life unstructured and you aren’t exercising in association with other activities such as when you commute to work or going to the gym on the way home from work, put time aside in your diary for exercise.  For example, get up at the same time as usual and engage in 30 minutes of yoga; perform some bodyweight exercise at lunchtime; go for a run with stairs and change of direction drills involved in the evening.

For more ideas on making exercise during lockdown more effective or organising personal training sessions please get in touch here or call Simon on 07377684450.