Being able to move well is a skill and not something one acquires necessarily as a consequence of moving generally.  Smooth and high quality movement is something that we can all recognise.  Watching a downhill slalom skier negotiate the gates with fluid turns or a footballer control the ball without breaking stride are examples.

Learning to move well will enable you to perform better at your chosen sport or activity and will also reduce your risk of injury.  An example is running.  Not only can learning to run better improve your times, it will reduce the chance of you having knee problems for example.  An oft heard line is that ‘running caused my knee pain’.  In fact the science shows that running well is good for knees but running badly is a predictor of future problems for knees (and other areas).

However, many of us are not taught how to move well unless we are lucky to receive higher level coaching for a particular sport or discipline.  But is it never too late to find out if you are moving well globally or at a particular area of the body (for example around the shoulder girdle) nor is it too late to learn how to move well and eradicate poor movement patterns.

This process would begin with an assessment of your movement patterns globally and locally around key zones in the body such as the lumbar and cervical spines, shoulder girdle, pelvic girdle and knees.  Such an assessment is based on the science of biomechanics of which there is a wealth of research literature particularly since the 1990s.

Once assessed and any poor movement patterns identified, a series of drills focusing on the skill of movement as well as any other deficits identified (such as lack of endurance or stiffness/tightness) would be taught and progressed to enhance such physical parameters.

A simple test to illustrate this point that you can try is a singe leg dip.  Perform this in front of a mirror or video yourself doing so.  See if you can maintain the centre of the knee cap in line with the 2nd toe and maintain the height of your foot arch throughout.  If not then you have less than ideal lower limb alignment.

Super Fit can help you to find out if you have poor movement patterns and if you do then how to learn to move well and enhance your physical performance as well as reduce your injury risk.

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