Super Fit has offered online and video link personal training since we opened for business in July 2017.  However, since the SARS-CoV-2 (Corona virus) related lockdown, these methods of personal training are all we can currently offer.

Of course, this is now a very crowded market.  But you can be assured that Super Fit’s approach remains different to other personal training providers.  Train with us and you aren’t just another number on a spread sheet.  We don’t deal with large numbers of clients but prefer to offer a more personal service to a small case group.

Online Personal Training:

Super Fit offers a 4-week programme rolling programme.  This entails the following:

– Initial contact made via telephone/email.

– The client will then receive a health questionnaire via email.

– A detailed text programme will then be put together based on the details of health questionnaire and placed on Google Docs to share with the client.

– An individualised video of the exercises recommended will be produced and sent to the client either by Dropbox, placed on private YouTube url or sent via WhatsApp.

– A follow up email or telephone call will be made at two weeks.  Following this the text programme will be adjusted accordingly.

– A further follow up email or telephone call will be made at four weeks to set the agenda and goals for the next four weeks and start the above process again.

This service would require a payment every 4 weeks.

There are additional services available that can be added to this service:

30 minutes’ video link personal training session

Week’s food diary analysis and recommendations

Video Link Personal Training:

The only difference between this service and the regular face-to-face service is that it is conducted via video link.  As we are committed to providing a superior service, the camera, microphone and software used are specialised and specific for the task.

Currently, it may be the case that you don’t have access to any specialised training equipment.  However, that is not a problem as effective training can be done using body weight and no particularly kit.

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