• Appalachain Trail

    Mel and Rick’s trek along The Appalachian Trail

    Mel and Rick approached me in April 2018 regarding assistance with training for hiking The Appalachian Trail a year later.  The Appalachian Trail is a hiking trail in the USA between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine along the Appalachian mountain range.  [...]

  • Springtime injury prevention

    Springtime injury prevention – three situations to consider

    Exercise is the elixir.  However, there are a few side effects, particularly the risk of injury. During Springtime injuries are common place in the following areas/situations: Change of surface if playing field sports on grass. Although in some areas of the country, it may not [...]

  • Pregnancy exercises

    Changes to your body during pregnancy and after birth: How exercise can help

    Three changes to the musculoskeletal system during pregnancy and after birth: How exercise can help When pregnant the stiff and usually immobile pelvic joints are prepared for the passage of the baby at birth. These joints are held in place due their shape, muscular activity [...]

Cryotherapy (or ice baths)

Arsene Wenger has been quoted this week (Monday 25th September 2017) questioning the efficacy of cryotherapy amongst other interventions as 'Smoke and mirrors'. (https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/sep/24/arsene-wenger-pours-cold-water-cryotherapy-arsenal-games).  The type of cryotherapy that Mr. Wenger is referring to is [...]

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“Once you meet a physio who combines a deep understanding of the human body with a deep understanding of your sport, and the strains it subjects your body to, you never look back. Simon has a remarkable ability to lift the veil on mysterious niggles.”

Dominic Herbert, Triathlete

“Simon stripped things back to basics, treated my knee with manipulation and got me in neutral running shoes with a physio plan to learn to run again!  ”

Tom Underhill, runner and cyclist

“Simon was part of our team at Back in Action UK for 8 years. Simon consistently worked to a very high standard and he was very popular with his patients: he was fully committed to them and they were able to trust him to help them achieve the best possible results in almost all cases. ”

Alex Bell, Director Back in Action UK

“Simon takes his professional responsibilities for the health, wellbeing and outcomes of his patients very seriously. As a client of Simon’s, you are in excellent hands and are well on your way to reach your goals.”

Annie Karim MCSP Dip Phys (Otago), Institute of Sport Exercise and Health, Unit Manager