How do you decide who to work with if you type ‘Personal Trainer near me’ or ‘Physio near me’ into Google?

If you decide to train or rehabilitate with Super Fit, you will receive a programme that is bespoke and informed by your stated goals. The programme will be based in scientific evidence, which means, if it is followed, it has been proven to work.  Click here to read more on my approach.

Psychological support and encouragement will be provided to assist you in sticking to the programme. Again, the psychological support methods are evidence based.

The sessions will be high on education. You will learn why you are working in a certain manner. This has been proven to aid compliance with training programmes.

Analysis and coaching of quality of movement and postural form will be provided in session. This will enhance performance and reduce injury risk.

Alongside acquiring strength/endurance/flexibility/power, training for skill (which will interlink with coaching for postural form and quality of movement) will be part of the programme and you will learn to deliberately practice like an expert.

Of course, enthusiasm and excellent communication both face-to-face and remotely are guaranteed as is a personal touch regarding customer service.

You often get what you pay for and that is the case with Super Fit. I offer a specialised, high quality service and I can also point to extensive under graduate and post graduate training as well as 24 years of experience in the medical, health and well-being industry. I also have a proven track record in the field (check out my reviews here and here.

Work with me and benefit from my training, my experience, my personality but also the way I have incorporated what I have learnt into my sessions.

I am that Personal Trainer near me either face-to-face or virtually.

Achieve your goals with Super Fit.  Contact me for more details by clicking here.