Most of the personal training Super Fit provides is face-to-face in a gym.  However we have always offered:

  • Personal Training Outdoors
  • Video Link Personal Training
  • Online Personal Training

These types of sessions have become more popular and more important recently given the situation in the country.

Outdoor sessions have proved very popular since May 2020.  There is plenty in the urban and park environment such as benches, low walls, flights of stairs, even lines on the floor that can enable an exertive and interesting session.  Add to that a few pieces of simple kit like looped resistance bands, a mat, a speed ladder, cones, an ab wheel and the session can be as comprehensive as any gym session.

Video link sessions lack that personal touch but have worked well in our experience.  Setting the video angle is all important as is having a sufficient space to exercise in.  But the minimum space required for an effective session is only a metre by two metres with enough overhead height to accommodate any jumps.  Body weight exercises are more than enough to generate strength, speed, stamina and power.  But as in the paragraph above, the addition of a few simple pieces of kit can add an extra element to sessions.

Online programmes offer another avenue to those who want exercise guidance but either are unable to afford one to one sessions or who want to exercise at their own convenience and can’t commit to being at a venue or on a video link session at a particular time.  Online programmes commence with an assessment that can be performed via a spoken video link session or by completing an electronic questionnaire.  They are then updated at appropriate periods depending on the type of programme and the goals of the individual.

Please get in touch today here for a free 15 minute spoken assessment and decide which format is for you.  Be Super Fit, Stay Super Fit