Here are some lovely words from my client Anna.  She wanted a specific training programme initially aimed at getting her ready for her return to the snowy slopes of the Alps.  Here is what she wrote for me on her return:

‘Every mantra of the self-proclaimed fitness influencer on social media claims that training will make all your problems disappear and you will never regret getting up early and going for a session.

This unicorn and rainbow version of what is a life dedicated to well-being and well-eating does a disservice to this community of adventurous souls who are ultimately searching for happiness not Queen of the Mountains.

I am an extreme snowboarder. I crave the highs and the heights.  But I am not fearless.  The truth is that riding can create problems as well as solve them.  Extreme riding can make you unhealthy as well as healthy and drain you as well as energise you.

For the past 5 years, I became indifferent at best and resentful at worst towards my board and everything it demanded of me. Early mornings of training, evenings passed out on my pillow during the few days I could allow myself to spend in the mountains, instead of admiring the moonlight on the sharply carved edges of the Alpine summits. Doing the maths of fitting runs and jumps instead of being present to the beauty of the moment.

So, I decided I would welcome another kind of approach, I would stop the dedicated boarding training, no more long-distance running, no focus on leg strength to absorb impact but a better all-round body balance and strength.

I am not ready to give up extreme riding but I want to do it intelligently with the knowledge of what my body needs for a quicker recovery.

I haven’t let go of the rush of blood that a ride gives, one cannot un-tether their passion from their soul but rather the pressure and expectations of what it meant to ride.

This moment right here is life and you are either living it according to your truth or you are following a blueprint that is not yours and is inspired by social media gurus and aspirational nobodies.

Super Fit makes sure you keep the passion for your discipline alive, create the firm yet gentle boundaries for you to stay devoted for all the right reasons and none of the wrong reasons.  A post script to my trip to the mountains was that my return to the snow was seamless and instant thanks to this training programme when it usually takes me 2-3 days to get my feet back.’

Whether amateur or professional, train specifically for what ever your chosen sport/activity or goal is and reap the rewards.

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