Winter is nearly over and along with nature, people are waking back up to all types of activities.  In terms of physical fitness, more people run more miles during the warmer and brighter months than during the winter and major running events such as marathons are often staged during the spring, summer and autumn.  However, not everyone is ready for an increase in running miles or on track for any running events they have coming up.  And some runners will have developed injuries due to a variety of problems.  Help is at hand though – running coach near me.

Running Coach near me

You can have your running training, running action, any injuries and running fitness assessed and any issues dealt with by Super Fit.  In such an assessment we would:

  • Look at and video your running action, identifying any problems.
  • Discuss your current level of training and your proposed level for any upcoming event and identify any issues or short falls.
  • Discuss and assess your running specific strength, endurance and flexibility, identifying any deficits.
  • Assess any injury and determine a rehabilitation programme.

Following the assessment, you would have a programme to follow and a follow up date set for re-assessment.  A speciality of Super Fit is preparation for major events including being in the right physical shape, other physical considerations such as a blister prevention programme, re-fuelling and rehydrating, running specific nutrition, recovery, injury risk reduction and logistics.  You can explore your running and all that running entails in detail if you wish.

Searching for running coach near me is just the start.  Then you need to be sure that you are going to work with an appropriately experienced and educated professional.  I have nearly 28 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I am educated to MSc level in my field and I am a published scientific author.  I have worked with many hard core amateur and semi-professional/professional runners.

Work with me and improve your running as well as sort out any injuries you may have.

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