Whether you are a professional sports person or an amateur performer, your training should be sports specific.  Sports specific training will allow you to prepare much more effectively for your chosen discipline.

Sports specific training entails working on select elements of your sport.  Here are some examples:

  • Football involves a lot of short sprints, change of direction or acceleration/deceleration. Therefore going for a 10 km run at a mono pace will be better than doing nothing but it won’t prepare you well for football. Your football preparation to be effective requires, in part, sprint and change of direction drills.
  • Swimming front crawl involves repetitive pulling of the upper limbs through the water. Cardiovascular fitness is clearly required but so is strength training of the upper limbs particularly in a pulling direction.
  • Tennis requires a lot of movement forwards, backwards and side to side in a cross shape plus a lot of lunges of varying types. Short movements in such a direction at speed and strength training using lunges are indicated.
  • Running may not seem like a discipline that requires strength but having to mitigate many footsteps does require a certain kind of strength. This sort of strength is really strength/endurance but weight training at least for a section of one’s training time is recommended.

Sports specific training is guided by the research evidence.  My approach is heavily science based and I am up to date with the research and have followed it for the past 30 years.  Play/compete more effectively by using the power of science.

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