The SARS-CoV-2 viral outbreak, the Covid-19 disease that it has caused and the associated lockdown have altered our lives, probably for ever.

Although exercise may not seem the most important factor right now, it is vital that we all continue to maintain our physical fitness during lockdown.  Good physical fitness can increase our longevity (how long we will live for) but also to enhance the quality of our lives both in terms of physical health but also our mental health.

Among the myriad health benefits of exercise, is the maintenance and strengthening of the immune system. A 2018 study showed that subjects in their late middle ages and old age who were regular exercisers (in this case cyclists) had excellent functioning immune systems.  Often age is given as a reason for declines in the health of various systems and of course it is a factor however lifestyle is clearly also very important.  Keeping active appears to keep your immune system functioning better for much longer.  More detail on this process brought on by exercise can be found in this press release and this scientific article.

Thus, it is even more important to keep fit now than ever.  If you are already a regular exercise, please continue your training programme.  You may need to modify what you normally engage in but by being creative, clever use of bodyweight and mixing up in and out door exercise sessions, you should be able to maintain your fitness levels without additional specialised equipment.

And if you are happy to spend a little bit on new kit then exercise bands are inexpensive, take up little room and are effective.

If you are not a regular exerciser and want to get into shape or back into shape, then now is an opportunity to do exactly that.  Of course, if you are starting any new programme or training regime, start slowly and build up over a matter of weeks.  Your musculoskeletal system is mechanoreceptive (please see this blog article for more details), which means it will change on sensing the additional load applied to it and your pulmonary-cardiovascular (lungs, heart and blood vessels) system will become more efficient and reach more of your body as it is put to additional work.  But these changes take time.  Expect to see significant, noticeable changes in fitness parameters after six weeks but probably no sooner.

Super Fit can help you whether you are a regular exerciser or wanting to start or get back into a programme.  We can also aid you to train using your home or outdoor environment.  We can advise on using any equipment you already have or are interested in purchasing.

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