During 2019, Super Fit has assisted the following types of clients meet their goals.  Train with Super Fit in 2020 and meet yours:

Mr. X

A gentleman in his late 20s who wanted to train in 6 week blocks.  He would work on a specific parameter such as power training or endurance training for the 6 weeks but would commence each block with a session with me.  Each session was very different depending on the client’s particular goals for that block.  Mr. X consistently met his goals through his hard work but also with science based guidance from Super Fit.  Mr. X moved to Aberdeen in 2019 but maintains contact with Super Fit.

Ms. Y

A lady in her early 50s, who wanted to lose weight and improve her strength.  Ms. Y attended once or usually twice a week over most of 2019.  Her programme included Olympic lifts, upper body weight training exercises and a high intensity interval training component.  Ms. Y had some pre-existing medical problems that needed to be factored into the programme.  Some of these were addressed and improved during the year including low back pain and a rib/upper back problem.  Ms. Y lost several centimetres around her waist and has improved her strength, which is noticeable when performing gardening duties, a major hobby of hers.  Ms. Y continues to train with Super Fit.

Ms. Z and Mr. A

A couple in their late 20s who were planning to hike the Appalachian Way in the USA, a total distance of 2200 miles, over 6 months.  They trained once to twice a week over half of 2018 and into 2019 before they departed for their adventure in April 2019.  I followed their blog and I am happy to report that they completed their odyssey in

Ms. B

A lady in her 40s who wanted to improve her shoulder and upper limb function in relation to her type of employment, reduce work related pain and lose weight.  A specific programme was put together to address endurance first and then strength throughout her upper limbs including her fingers and thumbs.  High intensity interval training was also included in her programme to aid her weight loss.  Ms. B still trains with Super Fit.  She no longer has work related pain and has reported improved upper limb function at work.  She has lost several kilogrammes and has re-awoken her relationship with exercise.  She now exercises regularly weekly and reports feeling better generally both mentally and physically.

This is only a small number of clients who have worked with me at Super Fit during 2019.  Some programmes are very specific as can be seen from the above examples but plenty of clients are after more general programmes of improving strength and losing weight.  Super Fit deals with many types of clients from those wanting to run across the Sahara to those wanting to tone up and maintain a healthy weight.

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