Have you been thinking about starting, getting back into or enhancing your current weight training?  Have you been searching weight training Limehouse online?  If so then read on to find out the benefits of weight training.

Weight training confers many benefits:

  • It will help you build your muscles not only in size but efficiency of contraction. This means that you’ll not only start to look more athletic, become stronger but you’ll be able to use your muscles better for sport, dance and everyday life.
  • Having more muscle mass lowers your risk of death of all causes including cancers. Part of the reason for this is that muscle has positive effects on the repair system in the body, principally on macrophages, a type of white blood cell.  These cells engulf and digest pathogens, cell debris, cancer cells and foreign substances.
  • More muscle will also boost your immune system by enhancing neutrophils (another type of white blood cell). Neutrophils can act like macrophages (as described above) but also stimulate the next phase of healing through chemical signals (chemotaxis)
  • Building muscle improves your insulin sensitivity. This in turn improves your ability to lower blood glucose levels, which helps to regulate blood glucose.  This will not only improve your metabolic efficiency but reduce your chances of developing type II diabetes.
  • Well trained muscles have been show to assist in reversing aging at a cellular level.  Muscles have lots of cells called mitochondria.  These are where energy for bodily systems is produced.  Mitochondria are found to reduce in their ability to produce energy as one ages.  Therefore protecting mitochondria can slow down and reverse aging at a cellular level.
  • Muscle improves cognitive ability including memory and making better decisions. This occurs via muscle stimulating neurotrophic factors, which preserve and enhance brain structure and function.

The take away summary is to commence or refine your weight training programme, put on some muscle and then train it well to keep it working efficiently to live longer for better.

That seems like a great deal to me.  If you are searching weight training Limehouse then look no further.

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