Project Description

If you want to become stronger, fitter, more powerful, faster, have more endurance or greater flexibility then bespoke personal training with Super Fit is for you.  This bespoke personal training service is goal directed to enable the client to achieve their desired objectives.  As well as having a programme constructed and coaching on physical training, attention will also be paid to attaining good technique, control of movement, injury prevention and performance enhancement.  Advice on diet, re-fuelling, rehydration and rest will also be provided.  Regular face-to-face sessions are available as are programmes with periodic review.  Bespoke personal training sessions can be conducted in the gym, outdoors, via video link or using online programmes.  As well as bringing a quarter of a century of education and experience in the health and well-being sector to bear on your personal training sessions, Simon’s enthusiasm, life experience and communication skills will make any session an enjoyable experience.

An in-depth analysis and recommendations of a food diary is also available as an additional service.

Achieve your fitness goals and train with Super Fit.

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