Do you want to complete a major physical challenge like a marathon, triathlon or ultra event?  Are you already competing in such events and want to improve your performance?  Then Super Fit can help you prepare for such events.  We provide a comprehensive training, coaching and preparation service to assist your preparation for an ultra event or physical challenge.

The service is specific to the particular ultra event or physical challenge.  It would address a variety of aspects including physical training, diet, hydration, re-fuelling and re-hydration, rest and sleep, injury prevention, psychological preparation, event planning (e.g. preparing for expected/possible weather conditions), life organisation, acclimatisation and training scheduling.  If you are contemplating perparation for an ultra event or physical challenge, something that is a significant undertaking, considering the sacrifices you will have to make, make absolutely sure you reach the start line and cross the finish line with expert assistance.

For more details check out this blog post or contact Super Fit.