Are you already engaged in regular exercise/sport (amateur to professional athletes) but want to improve/make sporting performance gains?  Super Fit can provide personal training using a bespoke programme and review system based on a sports specific assessment.  You maybe looking to achieve a certain standard such as running a sub-50 second 400 metres or you may want to improve your sports technique (e.g. when kicking a ball – read more in this blog piece).  Alternatively, you may be looking for an overhaul of their programme or want to formalise and maximise your training having exercised/performed without specific guidance before.

Any skill training would use a five stage approach of preparation, indentifying a particular element to focus on, executing the skill in a drill, using one or multiple biofeedback methods during the drill and then a reflection on the drill after completion.

It is never too late to improve or make sporting performance gains.  Get in touch now by clicking here to enquire or to book an assessment.