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The amateur/professional/elite athlete seeking to make performance gains

These clients are already engaged in regular exercise of varying levels but seek to make performance gains. Super Fit would provide personal training case management and review based on a detailed assessment to determine the individual needs of the athlete and produce a bespoke programme. The athlete maybe looking to achieve a certain standard such as running a sub-50 second 400 metres or improve their technique (e.g. learning or refining what body position to be in when striking a ball – read more in this blog piece). Alternatively, the athlete could be looking for an overhaul of their programme or want to formalise and maximise their training having exercised/performed without specific guidance before.

This category of Super Fit clients could be aged from 18 to 98, age being no barrier to physical performance or being able to enhance physical performance.  Click here to enquire or to book an assessment.


The athlete who wishes to embark on a substantial challenge such as an ultra-event

Training for and completing ultra-events and other substantial physical challenges will almost certainly require alterations to multiple aspects of an athlete’s life.

Super Fit would provide bespoke personal training case management and review based on the requirements of the event/occasion that the athlete wishes to participate in.

The service would address specific training, diet, hydration, re-fuelling and re-hydration, rest and sleep, injury prevention, psychological preparation, event planning (e.g. preparing for expected/possible weather conditions), life organisation and training scheduling.  For more details check out this blog post or contact Super Fit.


The athlete who experiences recurrent injuries at the same site or a series of different injuries or who has struggled to return to sport/performance following a serious injury

A certain section of the athletic population will feel that they are hampered by repetitive injuries at the same site or at a variety of sites. There is usually a reason or reasons that explains why this is happening but is not always easy to spot or research if you are not appropriately trained. There is also a lot of poor information or poor advice regarding how to solve such problems. Super Fit will analyse why the situation has likely to have arisen, devise and review a plan to not only prevent recurrence but then rehabilitate and re-condition the athlete back to performance.

Some athletes will suffer a serious injury and struggle to return to sport even after following a lengthy rehabilitation programme. Although Super Fit cannot guarantee to return someone to participation in this situation, it is possible that we can offer a different approach/view on the problem. Specific complete analysis is often the solution including addressing any psychological issues, which are under assessed and under addressed following serious sporting injury.

For more details on this service click here to contact Super Fit.


The athlete/client who has a complex musculoskeletal injury or injuries and faces a lengthy period of rehabilitation

Clients/athletes who have sustained a complex/serious injury or injuries will require a long term and comprehensive rehabilitation programme to have any chance of returning not only to everyday fitness but to athletic fitness.  This rehabilitation programme will also require regular and detailed progression for it to succeed.

Many elements of the athlete/client’s life will need to be analysed (including diet and rest) and adjusted to give the individual the best chance of full recovery.  Any psychological issues will also be addressed particularly if the injury or injuries were sustained in particularly traumatic circumstances.  And due to the long term nature of the rehabilitation programme, motivation will be provided to assist the client/athlete to last the course.

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The client who is unfit/de-conditioned/over-weight and who wishes to make substantial health and wellbeing improvements

Super Fit doesn’t just cater for those that are already Super Fit or just fit. We also work with clients who have never been fit or those who have become de-conditioned having once been fit. These clients may also be overweight and require a weight loss programme.

Super Fit would provide a tailored programme specifically designed for those that are not already fit.  For such clients, it is important that they allow their body to adjust to the programme and that they are not progressed too fast.  But the approach would not be cautious, merely in line with the individual’s own parameters and what we know from science about starting training from a low base.

Any weight loss programme and guidance would be science based and not follow a specific diet. The aim would be to lose weight in a healthy, sustained manner though a healthy daily diet and exercise.

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The client who has experienced pain for a substantial period and would like to be able to manage their condition in a more effective manner

For a small but substantial group of people, the recovery process following an injury doesn’t lead to full recovery.  These clients, for a variety of reasons some physical and some psychologically, end up with chronic pain.  The most common site of this chronic pain is the low back.  Such individuals have usually consulted many health care practitioners and tried many ‘medical model’ approaches (standard physical rehabilitation, injections, surgery) but remain in pain.

Another group of clients may have developed chronic pain due to various factors that combined mean they are living an unhealthy lifestyle.  These clients are often ‘diagnosed’ as injury free and don’t have the attention they require to manage their problem.

This is a very different category of clients to the others that will consult Super Fit.  However, we have the skills and experience to treat such clients with the approach that the science suggests is the most effective.  In such cases, movement dysfunction and the psychological aspect have often been under assessed and not treated effectively.

Super Fit would address these issues but would also refer onto respected professionals in those cases where the client’s need was greater than we could meet for example to a clinical psychologist.

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The client who would benefit from analysis of their lifestyle to enable mental and physical wellbeing enhancement

Life coaching will almost certainly be a consideration for any Super Fit client and will be woven into any programme.  However, some clients may only want this specific service.  Super Fit will assist those individuals to imagine/realise what they want from their life, identify the areas of their life that require change to meet those desires and develop a programme of psychological adjustment and life re-arrangement to approach such a life style.

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First Beat Lifestyle Assessment

Super Fit also offers a specific coaching tool via our partner Back in Action. The First Beat Lifestyle Assessment provides information on how daily stresses have affected heart rate and rhythm by monitoring the heart for three 24 hour periods.

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